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Retail & Corporate

We work in collaboration with Interior Designers to create custom arrangements that  compliment the scheme and space. 


            Planteriors Inc. is a full service custom artificial plant, floral design and display firm.  We work closely with interior designers, architects, facility managers and visual merchandising departments to achieve their specific space, color and image requirements.

           We have an extensive line of botanicals using high quality, natural and realistic product, as well as beautiful decorative display pieces.  Our talented design staff can create an arrangement using flowers of your choice.  In addition, loose stems and foliage are available by the dozen.
          Due to the high maintenance cost of live plants and flowers, many companies choose artificial florals and foliage designed by Planteriors Inc.

         We have experience working with both large and small corporations and do not limit ourselves to any one particular industry.  Contact us for additional information.
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